Mick the Mower Man

About Us


Mick the Mower Man began 20 years ago with "Mick", a real resident of Bendigo, who was looking for change in life.  With the goal of mowing just a few lawns with basic tools, he launched his business.  A friend had suggested the name so he ran with it and it has stuck.  By 2003, Mick was regularly servicing 80 properties.  Soon after, he sold the business to Laurie Steel, the current owner.  By 2016, four trailers were operating on around 500 properties providing services to residential, commercial, government and real estate agency customers.  The business has expanded to now include property cleanups, grass cutting, weeding, pruning, spraying, garden care and landscaping.  It's not what we charge per hour, but what we can do in an hour that makes our services valuable.

Community Involvement

Mick the Mower Man has been a proud supporter of the Bendigo community.  Over the business' history it has supported several community groups including the Victory Christian College HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) Racing Team, Nexus Bendigo Youth Theatre, and Kalianna School Bendigo.

Mick the Mower Man is currently proudly supporting the Wattle HPV Racing Team and LifeFM, Bendigo.